Title: Truth About Drugs Without Prescription

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This article discusses the relevance of today’s society and how we see communications by the use of the Internet. One of the most common uses of such would be buying. Knowing that medications are expensive, people sought to buy from the internet at a much lower cost, and without a prescription.

drugs without prescription

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Online internet pharmacies are fast gaining popularity. It is just one among the millions of virtual shops that one can find over the Internet. A CNN news article says that there are now about 100 million websites in the internet with around 48 million of those sites considered as active or updated on a regular basis. These websites contain a wide range of topics and practically covers the entire spectrum of human knowledge and experience. In the United States alone, there are at least 54 million different websites that would be impossible for an average person to visit during one’s lifetime. Some of the most frequently visited sites include Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, and Wikipedia — which are categorized as search engines, social networking sites, or knowledge databases.

What is now a topic of hot debate about internet pharmacies is: ?Is it safe?? No doubt, this new concept of online ordering and purchase of medicines has empowered patients and other people who need health care products. These internet-based drugstores saves a lot of time, effort, and in some cases, even money compared to the traditional way of physically going to a local pharmacy. Another benefit of going to such sites is that they also offer legal drugs without prescription. Unlike the traditional style of consulting a doctor, getting a prescription for the medication, and then buying it from a local drugstore — patients can now go online and even chat with a doctor using a web camera. The consultation can be done through the Internet. After the online doctor makes his prescription, the local pharmacy would be immediately notified so that it can send the medicines you need or prepare them for pick-up. These websites that sell medicines offer services like free shipping and handling for the medications, provided that the consumer orders from them using their crdit card. This transaction is done with just a few clicks on the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard — with no hassle, no stress in working with schedules, and no other questions.

Online purchases of medicine are good in several respects. As mentioned it earlier, it saves time and effort. However, the online shopper or patient who wants to buy medicines using the Internet should also be very careful. Taking responsibility for knowing product uses, dosage, and getting prior approval from the doctor is a must for every patient who intends to get medicines from online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies also require the patient to provide personal and medical information prior to completion of the transaction. This is the safeguard against possible abuse of drugs or misinformation about the uses or effects of a drug. It is also the primary means through which the internet pharmacy assesses the need of a patient for a certain product.

The ability to purchase drugs without prescription normally applies to over-the-counter medicines or for prescription items that only need to be refilled. That means, a customer already has an existing account with an online pharmacy.

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