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Urinary problems can result from different factors such as vaginal infection, urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Women face painful urination mostly during pregnancy. This could be due to urinary tract infection, vaginal infection or other sexually transmitted disease. Painful urination is also called dysuria and if caused due to common reasons then it can be easily treated. The chances of urinary tract infection increases with increase in age and if a person is sexually active. If you face urinary problems then you need proper check up.

Causes for urinary tract infection
1. Vaginal infection that is accompanied by vaginal discharge, pain, itching or burning sensation while urine passes over the irritated areas.
2. Urinary tract infection whereby blood may pass with the urine and painful when urine passes over irritating areas.
3. Sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts or herpes.

Other common cause for painful urination includes bladder tumors, kidney stones or narrowing of the urethra. If you face passing of blood with urine, it could be serious enough and should not be ignored. This problem is called hematuria and the possible symptoms associated to this are:
1. Stone in the kidney resulting in sudden pain in the side and groin
2. Blood clots in the kidney
3. Infections leading to fever, nausea, painful urination and upset stomach
4. Toxic medications or poisons

Do you face frequent urinations?
Frequent urinations can be a result of infections, STD?s such as herpes, gonorrhea, pregnancy, vaginal changes during menopause, poor bladder support or women who become pregnant more than once. Stress is also a reason because to release stress, drinking beverages is quite common that have caffeine. An overactive thyroid gland or problems with the nerves that control the urinary tract also lead to frequent urinations.

Frequent urination with increased amount of urine passing each time could be due to drinking more water or could be a result of diabetes, alcohol, water pills for high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney diseases or high amount of calcium in the blood. Whatever may be the reason, an increase in urination should be given proper attention and duly check up.

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