Title: Can I Use A Canadian Pharmacy With Medicare Part D?

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Is it possible that a Canadian Pharmacy can enhance the benefits of Medicare part D? Yes it is! Read this article for a great idea on how to increase your prescription savings even more.

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There are questions every day about whether Canadian pharmacy services can really save you money, if they are safe and reliable and even if it’s legal.

There are also questions about whether Canadian pharmacy online services will work combined with a Medicare Part D plan.

The answers to BOTH of those questions are a resounding YES. Canadian pharmacy online services can save you 30% to 40% on most prescription medications and even 50% on some of the medications!

Here’s the Math For Your Best Savings

If you spend exactly $2250 for prescription drugs next year and every single medication you take is covered through the Medicare Part D program you have selected, you can save about 52% on your medication expenses. If you spend less than that amount or take several medications that are not insured with your program, your savings drop as you get farther away from $2250.

If you spend more than $2250, you will enter into the so-called “donut hole” where you pay 100% of your medication costs until you reach $5100.

A Simple Explanation

All this can be explained very easily via a video located at URL: http://www.medicareaide.com/supplement.html. This video is very short, so even those without high-speed internet service can see the short video quickly and easily. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and this simple video showing charts and levels of savings certainly does that! It’s so simple and easy to understand.

Canadian pharmacy online services can save you money when combined with Medicare Part D, especially if some of your medications are not covered under the Part D program you select. By choosing a Canadian pharmacy, you can enhance your savings dramatically.

You’ll find Canadian pharmacy online services provide the identical medications, sometimes even made by companies in the United States. That’s because manufacturers who sell pharmaceuticals to the Canadian government have no control over the pricing policies there.

Why should Canadians be the only ones to enjoy the lower cost of medications? By choosing a Canadian pharmacy online service, you too can enjoy the benefits of lower Canadian prices. And it’s even delivered to your door.

A Word of Caution

All legitimate Canadian Pharmacy Online services require confirmation of your prescription. Once they have confirmation, your prescription will be co-signed by a Canadian doctor and your medication mailed to you immediately. Check to ensure they do that!

Combined with Medicare Part D, you can lower your costs significantly when some of your meds are delivered by a Canadian pharmacy.

Maximize Your Savings With Smart Planning

The goal is to avoid hitting the “donut hole” by getting a three month supply from a Canadian Pharmacy every quarter. Your target should be to spend as close to $2250 through Medicare part d as possible to take full advantage of that plan, and get the rest of your medications from Canada.

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